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Universal Cubicle Door

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Freestanding Mobile Screen

These are the ultimate solution for on-demand privacy and versatility in any space. With locking casters, these screens can be effortlessly moved and secured into place, allowing you to create separation wherever needed instantly. Crafted with acoustical properties, they not only provide privacy but also help reduce ambient noise, fostering a more focused and productive environment. Additionally, their tackable surface offers a practical way to personalize your space with notes, reminders, or decorations. Experience the freedom to tailor your workspace to your needs with our Mobile Floor Privacy Screens.

About OBEX Cubicle Panels and Workplace Privacy Solutions

Enhancing workplace privacy and productivity is paramount, and OBEX specializes in innovative solutions like cubicle panel extenders and desk mounted privacy panels to address these concerns effectively. OBEX’s cubicle panel extenders seamlessly fit atop existing panels, effectively mitigating ambient noise distractions such as office chatter, phone calls, and external sounds. Crafted with adjustability and compatibility in mind, these extensions effortlessly integrate with standard panel systems from major office furniture manufacturers, ensuring versatility across diverse workplace setups. 


By investing in OBEX panel extenders, businesses not only elevate the functionality of their current panel systems but also empower employees to concentrate better, thereby bolstering overall productivity and performance. Similarly, OBEX’s desk mounted privacy panels offer customizable options to augment workstation functionality without causing damage to existing office furniture. These panels, available in various colors, patterns, frames, and fabrics, cater to diverse workspace needs, whether it’s facilitating focused work environments or creating enclosed spaces like call centers or testing rooms. 


Additionally, OBEX’s desk and table mounted modesty panels provide privacy beneath work surfaces while also serving practical purposes such as concealing wires and storage boxes, thereby contributing to a clutter-free and organized workspace. Moreover, OBEX’s 48-Hour Quick Ship Program ensures swift delivery of privacy solutions, offering translucent polycarbonate panels with aluminum framing across all mounting styles, including Freestanding, Desk, and Panel configurations. This expedited service not only reduces lead time but also offers a 5% discount, further enhancing value for customers. Furthermore, as an approved supplier to the Federal Government, OBEX participates in the GSA program, enabling public agencies to procure competitively priced products efficiently. By prioritizing privacy, noise reduction, and functionality, OBEX underscores its commitment to enhancing workplace environments and facilitating optimal employee performance.