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Desk and Table Partition Screens

OBEX is here with a collection of desk and table screens for sale. We meet your business needs by creating divider products you can use to get the most productivity from your employees.


When you want to create an environment where workers can focus, few office upgrades get the job done like desk and table dividers from your premier manufacturer, OBEX.

Overview of Desk and Table Dividers

A desk or table divider from OBEX attaches to the office furniture you already own. Each design is equipped with patented bracket technology that keeps the desk and table separator screens in place.

Our experts are here for you with innovative partition screens in several configurations:

  • Desk mount panels: Attach divider panels around the perimeter of desks. Save yourself time and money with accessories compatible with desk surfaces 0.75″ up to 2.5″ thick. Desk mount panels are intended for the front, left and right sides of desks.
  • Split screen panels: Fix a split screen panel to the front of a desk to create aisles and give employees a dedicated divider from the person across from them. Workers can still see over these attachments, which is helpful when collaboration is key.
  • Modesty panels: Clean up desk spaces with office divider screens that extend below table edges to the floor. OBEX manufactures these products to keep wires, personal belongings and computer towers out of sight.
  • Freestanding panels: Rely on movable panels to create temporary workspaces for new hires, training sessions and conferences. Freestanding panels feature anti-skid feet to help them stay in place, and they are designed for seamless relocation.

Advantages of Our Office Desk Partition Screens

OBEX office desk divider screens are customizable in size, material and shape. Maintain a productive zone in your building with solutions that look professional and keep your workers comfortable.

Our team keeps your workplace flexible with the option to attach and detach divider screens when you need to. It’s our mission to come up with solutions that let you keep using your current tables and desks in new and exciting ways. Helping you minimize distractions on the job is what we do best — we accomplish this by providing you with made-to-order accessories that complement existing furniture and are installed within minutes.

OBEX sets you up for success by including all the tools you’ll require to set up desk partition screens.

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