Freestanding Panels

Freestanding Desk Privacy Panels

Movable Privacy

Our OBEX desktop freestanding panels offer movable privacy, designed for quick separation on training tables, conference tables, or desks. With anti-skid pads on the attached feet, these panels stay securely in place and can be easily relocated. Installation is hassle-free, taking only a few minutes and requiring no additional tools. Each desktop free standing privacy panel includes two freestanding feet lined with anti-skid rubber, measuring 2″ x 8″ to prevent tipping. Because they’re not mounted, these panels can be effortlessly moved or disassembled for storage. Discover our straightforward installation process today.


Freestanding Feet

Each screen comes with two freestanding feet that attach to the screen.

Anti-Skid Feet

The feet are lined with anti-skid rubber feet so that the screen does not slide on the desk.  The feet are 2″ x 8″ so that the screen does not knock over when bumped.


Due to the screens not being mounted to the surface, the screens can be picked up and relocated.  Or take the feet off the screens entirely and store the screen and brackets for later use.

Sizing Height

Standard sizes include:

Heights: 12″, 18″, 24″ and 30″

Lengths: 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 60, 66″, and 72″

Custom or Unique Size Needed?

No problem!  All of our screens are made to order and manufactured at our warehouse in San Diego.  There is no up-charge to have a custom size screen manufactured.  Tell our team exactly what you need and we will get it made!  

Material Options

A variety of material and color options to fit any need


About OBEX Desktop Freestanding Panels

Introducing our OBEX desktop freestanding panels, providing movable privacy that seamlessly fits into any workspace. Whether you need to create separation on a training table, conference table, or desk, our panels are designed for quick setup and easy relocation. Featuring anti-skid pads on the attached feet, these panels stay securely in place, measuring 2″ x 8″ to prevent tipping. Installation is a breeze, requiring no additional tools and taking only minutes. Plus, since they’re not mounted, you can effortlessly move or disassemble them for storage as needed. 



Looking for a specific size? No problem! Our panels come in standard heights ranging from 12″ to 30″ and lengths from 24″ to 72″. Need a custom size? We’ve got you covered with made-to-order options at no extra charge. With various material and color choices available, our desktop freestanding panels are tailored to meet your unique preferences and requirements.



Experience the ultimate solution for on-the-go privacy with OBEX Desktop Freestanding Panels. Whether it’s meetings, conferences, or testing environments, our panels provide versatility and functionality while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. Discover the perfect fit for your workspace today.