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Cubicle Privacy Screens

Are you interested in increasing the privacy of the cubicles in your office? Cubicle privacy screens are an excellent solution. These products allow users to focus on their work without interruptions. At OBEX, we have various options for office cubicle privacy, including freestanding, clamp-on and screw-in bases, which are more permanent. 


With our various cubicle privacy screens, you can transform your open-plan workspace and enhance privacy and productivity. Browse our wide range of cubicle-mounted privacy panels today to find the best option for your company. 

Merits of a Cubicle Privacy Screen

Our privacy panels have many benefits in an open workplace. Some of the advantages of installing these helpful products in your office space include: 

  • Enhance productivity: Many people need more time to concentrate and do deep work when there are distractions in their fast-paced working environment, such as fellow team members walking around. A privacy screen for office cubicles provides a physical barrier against these distractions, giving your employees a quiet and conducive environment that enables them to increase their productivity and efficiency. 
  • Increase privacy: As the name suggests, cubicle privacy screens provide more seclusion for users, enabling them to work on their confidential documents away from prying eyes. Privacy is essential when dealing with this kind of sensitive work, as any leaks could impact the company’s security. With a cubicle-mounted privacy panel, your team members can have greater peace of mind that they can view these documents safely.
  • Complement the existing space: We can customize our privacy panels to be any available color, material or design you like. Personalizing the cubicle panel screens you choose helps improve the aesthetics of the office. You can use your brand’s colors as inspiration or match the screens to the decor. 
  • Save space, time and money: Unlike traditional walls that need a lot of space, privacy screens for office cubicles take minimal space and less time to install, saving you time and money. 

Why Choose Us for Your Office Cubicle Privacy Screens?

Using OBEX’s cubicle privacy screens has many benefits, such as:

  • Customization: With OBEX, you can customize the cubicle privacy panels. We provide different types of materials, designs, shapes and sizes, and you can choose to have freestanding, clamped or screwed-in privacy panels. At OBEX, we have something for everyone.
  • Durability: Our privacy screens for office cubicles are made of high-quality material to serve you for a long time and give you greater value for your money.
  • Volume discounting: OBEX offers reduced pricing when you order many privacy panels for your business.
  • Ease of installation: Our privacy panels are easy to install. It only takes a few minutes to add them to cubicles, and we provide all the tools you need.

Say goodbye to distracting office spaces with OBEX’s cubicle privacy screens. We give you the best quality privacy panels to reduce distractions and increase efficiency in your office. Reach out today to get privacy screens for your office cubicles.

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