Custom Screens

Custom Screens

Custom Sizes

No desktop, cubicle wall, or piece of furniture is ever built to an exact size.  72″ wide desktops are often 71″, 70.5″, etc.  This makes it important that you have screens that are fit exactly to your furniture.  

All of our screens are made to order, meaning that they are not manufactured until you place the order.  This allows us to make your screen the exact size needed for your desk or cubicle wall with no additional charge to you.  You do not want your screens sticking off the edge of your desk 1-2 inches where it could be a hazard to someone walking by.

Just tell us the size of your desk or cubicle walls and we will take care of the rest to assure everything fits perfectly.

Custom Colors, COMS

Have a specific fabric color you are trying to match? Trying to get some accent colors to match company colors? We can accommodate all of this. Reach out to our representatives for more information.

Custom Brackets

Our brackets cover nearly any and all application for screen installations.  However, there are times where you may have a unique shaped cubicle wall, desk style, etc.  We are here to help.  We fabricate custom brackets every day and are happy to help come up with a solution.  

Don’t see anything on our website that will work for what you are trying to do?  Reach out to one of our representatives and we can start to design something that will work for you.