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Are your employees working in an open office? Are there constant disruptions in your workspace? It would help if you incorporated desk privacy panels. These customizable, portable products are a huge help in open workspaces without privacy. With OBEX’s desk privacy screens, you can create a more productive working environment and minimize distractions. 

Benefits of OBEX’s Privacy Screens for Desks

Privacy screens for office desks offer many benefits for your workspace. Some of these advantages include: 

  • Privacy: In today’s world of open office plans, your employees may not get the privacy they need to concentrate on their work. Privacy screens for desks give users the space to do their work without disruptions from coworkers. Moreover, these panels provide privacy while working on sensitive and confidential documents, increasing the security of these items by keeping them from prying eyes. 
  • Productivity: With OBEX’s privacy screens for office desks, you can minimize distractions in the work environment, increasing your team members’ efficiency. 
  • Personalization: We all want to work in a space that feels like our own. With desk privacy panels, your employees can personalize their workspaces and make them feel more comfortable. OBEX’s desk privacy screens allow users to pin photos and other personal items to personalize their space while ensuring the office still looks orderly. Additionally, our privacy screen panels let you customize their color, shape and material to complement the space or match your company’s branding. 
  • Space utilization: OBEX privacy desk panels allow you to use the available office space without modifying the structure. Privacy screens transform the working environment by adding panels to the existing desks and enabling you to alter the design in the future. 
  • Costs: Privacy screens for desks provide greater privacy in the workplace without the need to add walls or modify the office structure. This flexibility saves you time and money by reducing the cost of modification. Moreover, enhancing productivity with the desk privacy panels enables your employees to do more in a day, potentially increasing your bottom line. 

Why Should You Choose OBEX for Your Desk Privacy Panel Needs?

It’s essential to choose the right supplier for your desk privacy screens. With our privacy screens for desks, you get what you order. We customize your desk panels to your needs and preferences, allowing you to choose the shape, color, size and material you need. You can trust that our desk privacy panels are durable, as we ensure we use quality material to give you value for your money.


At OBEX, we make installing our privacy screens for office desks easy. Our team will provide all the tools you need to install the panels, and you can access easy installation instructions once you receive your products. In addition, when you work with us, you will enjoy volume discounting for large orders. 

Buy Our Privacy Screens for Office Desks Today

Increase privacy and productivity with OBEX’s privacy screens for office desks. Contact our team to purchase our desk privacy panels or learn how your business can benefit from installing them.

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