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Office Noise Reduction

In today’s fast-paced, open-office workspaces, noise reduction is essential. At OBEX, we have office noise reduction solutions to minimize noise in your office and increase your team members’ productivity. Our products can also reduce echo, creating a more conducive working environment. 

OBEX Office Noise Reduction Solutions

Our office noise reduction solutions help you control the noise in your office and increase productivity. Some of the products we offer for this purpose include:

Sound Baffling

Sound baffling is an office noise reduction solution that reduces echo and resonances, creating a more efficient and comfortable working space. OBEX’s versatile sound baffle solutions allow you to strategically place them in specific places where you need noise control. These acoustic solutions are an essential part of an office’s design. They contribute to a more peaceful work environment, increasing productivity and job satisfaction. 


OBEX sound baffle solutions are flexible to meet your needs. They can be mounted on a wall or hung on the ceiling. We install the wall-mounted sound baffling directly on the wall using various methods. We also offer a variety of ceiling-hung sound baffles depending on your ceiling. 

Desk Sound Barriers

Desk sound barriers like an acoustic desk screen can help minimize noise from neighboring desks in an open workspace. A desk sound barrier with soundproof materials will keep the sounds from your employees’ desks and give them the privacy to make confidential calls without disturbing their neighbors. Desk sound barriers also reduce the distracting background noise in the office and improve the space’s acoustics. 

Modesty Panels

Office Cubicle Privacy Panels​

Office cubicle noise reduction is vital when trying to achieve deep work focus. With cubicle privacy panels from OBEX, you can significantly reduce the noise in your office to increase your team’s productivity. 


Our cubicle panels come in many different materials, depending on your needs. You can choose soundproof cubicle panels that eliminate or reduce office noise. Our high-quality office noise reduction products help you increase your office’s productivity effectively. 


Tackboards increase the aesthetics of your office and reduce noise. OBEX’s tackboards are made of sound-reducing acoustic boards. These high-quality products reduce reverberations and echoes in the office, giving you a favorable work environment. Our tackboards come in all shapes and sizes according to your preferences. They seamlessly blend into the wall thanks to the four holes that contain the screws. 

Freestanding Mobile Screens

We designed our mobile privacy screens to meet your changing needs. With these products, you can hold an impromptu meeting anywhere in the office. They create a noise-free cubicle whenever you need one. We make our freestanding mobile screens with acoustic boards that absorb noise. These versatile office noise reduction products come in different materials, colors and constructions to meet your office noise reduction needs.

Choose OBEX for Office Noise Reduction Solutions

OBEX offers various office noise reduction solutions tailored to your needs and preferences. Our products only take a few minutes to install, and we provide you with the tools to install them. We customize our products to ensure they fit perfectly in your space without overhangs or gaps. OBEX also helps you save money with volume discounts and provides high-quality products to give you greater value for your money. 


Contact us today to order office noise reduction solutions and enjoy our volume discounts.