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Does your office space need more privacy? Our privacy screen for office cubicles lets users concentrate on their work with fewer distractions. These customizable screens will fit your needs and preferences. With OBEX’s products, you can increase the efficiency of employees in your workspace.

Advantages of Having an Office Cubicle Privacy Screen

There are many benefits of having a privacy screen for an office cubicle, including: 

  • Greater privacy: As the name suggests, privacy screens for office cubicles give individuals the privacy to work in peace and focus better without seeing others around them. 
  • Fewer distractions: When working in an open-plan office, employees may be distracted by coworkers moving around and talking. With an office privacy screen, you can reduce these distractions and help team members focus better on their tasks.
  • Improved mental health: Your employees may feel vulnerable when working in an open space. Vulnerability may increase anxiety, which could reduce their productivity. With a privacy screen for office cubicles, you can create comfortable zones for your employees to work in. Experiencing more privacy can help team members feel more in control, which in turn may reduce their anxiety and enable them to enjoy improved mental health and productivity.
  • Better organization: Organizing an open workspace the way you like can be challenging. A privacy screen for office cubicles allows you to sort your business space however you like. These products also enable your space to look cleaner by hiding the contents of your employees’ cubicles for a more uniform appearance. This greater uniformity can inspire greater focus, as well, as team members will not be as distracted by any clutter surrounding them. 
  • Enhanced aesthetics: You can customize your privacy screens to your liking to improve the look of your office. Our wide selection of color options lets you match these products to the office decor or company colors. Designing an aesthetically pleasing office can also help increase the morale of your employees. 

Why Choose OBEX for Your Office Privacy Screen?

OBEX is a national manufacturer of office solutions, including office privacy screens. Here are several reasons to choose us for your office cubicle privacy screens:

  • Greater customization: We make your office privacy screens to order. Our skilled team members will customize the products to your needs and preferences, adjusting elements such as color, size, material and shape. With OBEX, you get what you imagined. Our customization also ensures screens fit your office’s cubicles perfectly without gaps or overhangs. 
  • Easy installation: Our privacy screens for office cubicles are easy to install with our in-depth instructions, and we provide all the tools you need. 
  • Cost-effective solutions: Our privacy screens are cost-effective, as you can use them in existing cubicles without needing extensive construction. 

OBEX is proud to offer high-quality privacy products that enhance a business’s aesthetics and efficiency. We take pride in improving spaces through our innovative, portable products and offering highly responsive customer service. Contact us to get your custom office privacy screens today.


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