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Acoustic Desk Dividers

Workplaces are becoming increasingly open. While this development is great for collaborative working spaces, only some individuals work well in these offices. Acoustic desk dividers are the solution if you want to add privacy to an open-plan workspace. Acoustic desk screens offer a balance between having an open workspace and privacy. At OBEX, we manufacture acoustic desk panels to give your team members a sense of privacy in an open-plan workspace and increase your company’s productivity, as a result. 

Importance of Acoustic Screen Dividers

OBEX offers different acoustic desk panels depending on your needs and preferences. We have freestanding, clamp-on and screw-in options, and we hold a patent on the extender clamps we use with the clamp-on acoustic desk dividers. Some advantages of using these products include: 

  • Privacy: In an open workspace, privacy is almost nonexistent. An acoustic desk panel provides users with the privacy necessary to work effectively. This product sets a boundary between coworkers and enables them to take confidential calls without others hearing.
  • Noise minimization: An acoustic screen divider absorbs surrounding noise and produces a quieter workplace. Open offices have a lot of noise from chatting coworkers, human traffic and machines working. An acoustic desk panel creates a barrier between employees and the office noise. 
  • Distraction elimination: An open-plan office has many distractions. Acoustic desk screens stand between team members and other activities, creating an environment conducive to concentrating on work without disturbances. 
  • Aesthetics: Desk acoustic panels come in different colors, shapes, sizes and materials. You can make your acoustic desk screens match the company colors or complement your office decor. Different acoustic desk divider designs can improve your office’s aesthetics, improving your employees’ morale. 
  • Organization: Acoustic screen dividers provide a level of organization that is not available in an open workspace. With these panels, users can organize their desks how they like and will not be distracted by the disorganization of their coworkers’ desks.
  • Personalization: Our helpful products give employees a private space to put their personal items. Your team members can personalize the acoustic desk screens with their desired photos and memorabilia to make the space more comfortable. Personalized spaces can help increase morale and productivity.  
  • Mental health improvement: Privacy is important for mental health. In an open office, workers may feel like they’re being watched all the time, which can increase their stress and anxiety. Acoustic screen dividers offer more privacy and allow employees to personalize their spaces. This sense of privacy can decrease anxiety and stress levels and improve productivity. 

Choose OBEX for High-Quality Acoustic Desk Dividers

OBEX is a national manufacturer of office solutions. Our versatile products are top notch and customized to meet your unique needs and preferences. At OBEX, we give you more value for your money and provide volume discounts for bulk orders. We offer a wide range of acoustic desk screens to meet your diverse needs and improve your office’s productivity. 

Contact us today to order acoustic screen dividers and reduce noise in your workspace. 


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