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Acrylic Desk-Mounted Screens

Acrylic desk-mounted screens are your solution if you want a privacy screen to divide your office while allowing natural light to enter. Acrylic is made of synthetic polymers and is a type of flexible, shatterproof plastic. There are many types of acrylic screens for desks to choose from. You can have desk-mounted or freestanding clear acrylic desk dividers. You can also pick opaque or colored acrylic desk screens for more privacy. OBEX’s plastic screens for desks create a functional but stylish workspace. 

Benefits of Acrylic Desk Screens

Acrylic desk-mounted screens have many advantages. Here are some benefits of having these plastic screens for desks in your office: 

  • Privacy: These plastic screens provide privacy in an open-plan office space. They close employees off from office activities and allow them to concentrate on their work. 
  • Versatility: Acrylic desk screens are versatile, coming in mounted or freestanding options. OBEX’s products are available in clear or colored options. You can choose your desired color and we will make it for you. 
  • Focus: You can reduce distractions in your workspace with plastic screens for desks. The opaque options will create a barrier between your team members and the activities in the office. This design will help them concentrate on achieving deep focus and increase their productivity. 
  • Quiet: Clear acrylic desk dividers help reduce noise in the office. With an acrylic desk screen, users can comfortably make calls in their workstations without background noise from coworkers. Noise reduction in the office also helps with concentration and can boost efficiency. 
  • Hygiene: Acrylic desk-mounted screens are hygienic. They help protect workers from germs, especially if working for your company requires frequent phone use. Clear acrylic desk dividers are also easy to clean, making them ideal for your office. 
  • Aesthetics: Our acrylic screens for desks improve the look of your office. You can personalize these dividers to contain the company colors or to match the office decor.

Why Choose OBEX’s Acrylic Desk Screens?

At OBEX, we manufacture solutions to enhance your office space. Here are several reasons to choose us for your acrylic screens for desks: 

  • High-quality products: At OBEX, all our products are top notch and made from solid and durable materials. Our cost-effective products also give you more value for your money. 
  • Patented design: OBEX holds a patent for extender clamps that can hold our acrylic desk-mounted screens.
  • Customizable options: We make our products to order. You can customize your plastic screens for desks however you like, and they will fit perfectly, without gaps or overhangs. You can also choose the size, shape, design and color of your acrylic desk screens. 
  • Easy installation: Our easy-to-install products come with the necessary tools for installation.
  • Volume discounting: OBEX offers discounts if you buy clear acrylic desk dividers in bulk. 

Improve Focus With Clear Acrylic Desk Dividers

Enhance your team’s focus and productivity with OBEX’s acrylic desk-mounted screens. We offer high-quality, strong acrylic desk screens to reduce noise and distractions in your workspace. Contact us today to order plastic screens for your desks and increase your office’s efficiency.


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