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PET Acoustic Panels

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) acoustic panels are essential to your open-plan office. The highly acoustical PET felt acoustic panels are made from recycled plastics and help reduce noise, providing favorable working conditions. 


OBEX’s acoustic PET panels are lightweight, frameless and tackable. We let you customize these products according to your needs and preferences, and they come in different colors to match your office decor or company branding. You can use our PET felt panels on rafters, baffle systems or ceiling canopies. 

The Benefits of Having Acoustic PET Felt Panels

Having PET felt acoustic panels in your office offers advantages such as: 

  • Privacy: Using PET felt panels in your office increases the space’s privacy. You can use these products as desk dividers to reduce the sound traveling between desks and cubicles. With these acoustic panels, your team members can make confidential calls with greater peace of mind. 
  • Noise reduction: Acoustic PET panels reduce noise from the surrounding area. In an office setting, you can clamp them on your employees’ desks to reduce sound coming from coworkers in an open workspace. PET felt panels are versatile — you can also put them on the ceiling, baffles or rafters. They have an excellent sound absorption level and reduce echoes, creating a quieter working environment. 
  • Durability: PET is a flexible material made of recycled plastics, which are durable and less likely to get damaged during transport or installation. Moreover, PET can withstand high humidity for a long time, making it ideal for places with this environment. 
  • Ease of cleaning: Our acoustic panels are easy to clean, simplifying maintenance and helping you keep your workspace hygienic and healthy. 
  • Sustainability: PET felt panels are made from recycled plastics and use low energy during manufacturing, reducing their carbon footprint. You can also recycle these panels, making them eco-friendly and sustainable. 
  • Productivity: Acoustic PET felt panels help reduce the background noise in your office by creating a physical barrier between workers and the noise. A quiet workplace enables team members to focus more on their work and increases productivity. 
  • Versatility: You can use these flexible products as privacy screens on desks and cubicles or pin them to the ceiling or the walls. Our panels work in small and large rooms and can be cut into any shape to fit your needs and preferences. 

Why You Should Choose OBEX for PET Felt Acoustic Panels

OBEX is a leading manufacturer of office solutions, including acoustic PET felt panels. Here are some reasons to choose us:

  • Volume discounts: OBEX offers volume discounts when buying in bulk. 
  • Customization: We make acoustic PET panels to order and can customize our products to your preferences. You can choose the color, design and size you like for your panels. Our team will ensure the panels perfectly fit wherever you are installing them. 
  • Easy installation: Our PET acoustic panels are easy to install. You can install them within minutes and we will provide you with the necessary tools. 

Material Options

A variety of material and color options to fit any need


Have a Noise-Free Work Environment With OBEX’s PET Acoustic Panels

Bid office noise goodbye with OBEX’s acoustic PET felt panels. Our products give you the peace of mind to focus on your work and increase productivity. Contact us today to get your PET felt acoustic panels and enjoy a conducive work environment.