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OBEX offers desk back panels to facilitate privacy and reduce noise in the office. With these easy, hassle-free solutions, you can remain productive while we focus on office enhancement. A desk back panel assists your team in concentrating with minimal outside distractions. Install this product to benefit from an immediate auditory and visual barrier without compromising on style and functionality.

About Our Back of Desk Privacy Screens

OBEX office desks with back panels help create organized, peaceful work environments. Our solutions are customizable, giving you the flexibility to tailor your workspace to fit your preferences. When you need seamless solutions, our back of desk privacy screens offer easy installation with no gaps and overhangs, maintaining a professional, sleek environment.

We at OBEX pride ourselves on bringing you privacy solutions that improve your workspace. Our back panels deliver confidentiality, so your team can work with greater confidence. Our back panels also provide:

  • Added stability: Get structural support for cables and other office supplies on desks. The back structure offers reinforcement to PC wires and other office items.
  • Boosted privacy: Maintain privacy and create a space to focus with our back panels, which go as high or low as you need.
  • Improve aesthetics: Keep your office environment orderly by hiding cables, stationary and other items behind these sleek back panels.

Benefits of an OBEX Back Panel

Every office environment is different, so we will tailor our solutions to meet your requirements and find the right solution for you. Our back panels for desks are ideal for any office arrangement, whether you have a team-oriented, open-plan or another setup. These effective solutions align with your goals and budget and won’t affect your current office furniture.

Take a look at why thousands choose us for enhanced office privacy:

  • Universal brackets: With universal clamps that offer full versatility, our team will ensure you get the back panel you need. Our adaptable brackets can accommodate any table edge thickness, style and design.
  • Different sizes: We have several standard sizes to choose from. If you require unique heights and lengths, we’ll custom-size your back panels with no upcharge.
  • Customized options: Our back of desk privacy screens are made to order. If our standard options don’t meet your requirements, we’ll go above and beyond to design the right panel for you.
  • Many color choices: We enable you to create a uniform look with colors that match your brand.
  • Several materials: Whether you choose acoustical, acrylic, polycarbonate or PET, our material option will boost privacy and sound reduction.
  • Seamless installation: You can install our desk back panels in just a few minutes. We provide all the tools you need for a hassle-free setup.
  • Competitive pricing: Reconstructing your current infrastructure can be expensive. Our solutions require no building installations or logistical planning, saving you costs in the long run.

Increase Privacy With a Back of Desk Privacy Screen

OBEX offers innovative options for elevating your office space with effective privacy solutions. Get a sophisticated, finished look while improving productivity and concentration. For more information about our desk back panels, complete our online form or call us today.


Material Options

A variety of material and color options to fit any need


About OBEX Modesty Panels

OBEX Modesty Panels serve as privacy shields beneath your desk, discreetly concealing cords while offering a sense of personal space in the office environment. Available in different sizes, materials, and customizable options, they prioritize functionality without compromising style. Elevate your workspace with our versatile modesty panels, designed to enhance privacy, streamline organization beneath your desk, and hide computer cables effortlessly. Say goodbye to unsightly tangled wires and hello to a clean, professional workspace that fosters productivity and focus. Upgrade your office setup today with OBEX Modesty Panels for a more organized and visually appealing work environment.